“Einblicke” – Research Insights

The title of the recent ETH Exhibition – “Einblicke” – is an excellent theme for this current phase of research for the Escobedo Vault.  To date, two models have been designed and built – two iterations of the cutting pattern, from which a further analysis may yield a great deal of useful design insights for the vault’s future development.

I was the ‘builder’ for both of these small prototypes, and as a member of the BLOCK research group, I am presently taking on the project of constructibility for this stone pavilion.  My goal will be to translate between modes of digital fabrication (for vault research and prototype construction) and modes of masonry fabrication (in the construction of stone vaults) – to understand the cutting edge possibilities and limitations of the tools for each, and thus to streamline the greatest potentials of Thrust Network Analysis into the construction of full scale vaults.

In the coming posts, I will go into detail in these aforementioned fabrication analyses.  For the time being, however, allow me to first share the work of this latest vault iteration at “Einblicke”, from which we may extract a series of insights for development.

I:  Construction

Model II Construction

II:  Shipping & Unpacking

Model II Unpacking

III:  Assembly


IV:  Exhibition

Model II Exhibition

– Lara


1 Response to ““Einblicke” – Research Insights”

  1. 1 Peter Dare AM December 10, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    I have read with interest your works on vaulting, I completed a large amount of stone load bearing vaulting in St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Australia in 2006, I found the vault cutting and construction went together very well and was not as difficult as I had thought it might have been before I started. It was important to work out how the construction would take place before cutting any stone.
    Peter Dare

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