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Escobedo Vault at ITA Exhibition at ETH


On September 24, 2009, the exhibition “Einblicke” opens, celebrating the new Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) at the Faculty of Architecture (D-ARCH) of the ETH Zurich. Philippe Block will be showing his research and projects introduction his BLOCK Research Group at ETH. The latest model of the Escobedo Vault will be featured at the exhibition, providing it arrives on time and in tact (i.e. in exactly 103 pieces) from the other side of the Atlantic.

More Info about the  exhibition.


Pretty wires



Stereotomy iteration

Armed with all the vault details observed in Mallorca in mind, this new (much more successful) cutting pattern was developed.


This new cutting pattern is used for the  new 3D-printed model which has been printed and assembled by Lara. The tolerance issues, due to the 3D printing process, observed on the last model, only worsened due to the increased size of the model. We will have to look for more accurate 3D-printers in order to obtain realistic structural models of stone-cut vaults and to consider this approach as a feasible way to prototype complex vaulted assemblies. More about this soon…


Load-bearing stone, Unreinforced masonry vaulting, Stone form-finding, Structural masonry vault, Free-form masonry, Equilibrium shapes, Funicular design