Assembly challenges

After a long time of inactivity – slightly distracted with writing my PhD dissertation and such – , the 70-piece 3D puzzle was still waiting to be solved.

The main reason for making a scale model is to have an extra check on the stability of the vault and check effects which are not taken into consideration into the TNA: sliding failure under all loading cases for the chosen cutting pattern, possible collapse mechanisms due to support displacements, or sensibility of the vault under asymmetric live loads.

The challenge of the formwork is that it needs to be taken off after the vault has been assembled. Thanks to Katelyn for trying to make it work. At the end, it was chosen to make a cradle formwork to assemble the vault upside down. The idea was to then flip over the vault, pressing it against the supports on the base. The thrust and interlocking of the blocks should make this possible.


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