3D printing scale model

The scale model is being printed on the ZCORP 3D printer in one of the MIT Architecture’s Design Fab Labs. This machine allows to build a 3D object from a CAD model. After slicing the solid model into horizontal slices, it places very thin layers of a white powder (basically a fast setting plaster, similar to plaster of Paris) and uses a regular inkjet printer head to deposit the bounding liquid where the plaster should harden. This process is repeated until the model is fully printed.

After the powder-base printer is done, we needed to excavate the model from the build tray. I felt like a true archeologist looking for a lost city, but there were also a few flash backs to happy times in the sandbox as a child.

After excavation, the brittle pieces need to cure in the oven and then want to be coated with a wax. Anyone fancies solving this 70 piece 3D puzzle?

Thanks to Chris, Patrick and Junno for helping with the 3D printing.


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