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The site

Today, we surveyed the amazing site. On the beautiful, but rugged Clear Rock Ranch property, about 30 miles west of Austin, TX, we will be designing an outdoor pavilion.

The pavilion will be at the edge of a 40 ft ravine with an interesting undercut ledge in natural rock. What an amazing location!!  

The ‘local’ wildlife -game, bisons, longhorns, and z-donks (yes, a crossbred of zebra and donkey indeed!)- do not realize yet what original shelter they will be getting!


Starting off

The collaboration between MIT’s Masonry Group, led by John Ochsendorf, and Escobedo Construction begins with the start of Philippe Block’s internship at Escobedo. He will work together with Escobedo Construction designing and developing the unreinforced stone vaulted structure, featuring new and exciting shapes in unreinforced stone.

We set out to show the world that stone can be real sexy!

press release


Load-bearing stone, Unreinforced masonry vaulting, Stone form-finding, Structural masonry vault, Free-form masonry, Equilibrium shapes, Funicular design